There's something that I didn't get a chance to tell you. There's someone truly special in my life that I can't stop thinking about. He's unlike anyone I've ever met. Smart and funny and beautiful and just knowing that he's in my life has given me this constant fluttering that keeps me awake at night. When I think about who I can talk to about this, who will understand, the only person that comes to mind is you. And that's a problem because you are the one that I feel this way about. I think about you constantly, every little thing you do. It occurred to me that you must think of me too. If I tried to tell anyone else, they would say that you and I are impossible, that our lives are too different, that we could never be right for each other. But we understand each other and we care about each other and years from now I believe that we still will.

Quizás debería habértelo dicho desde que empecé a engancharme con vos (por eso la foto es vieja, porque representa las cosas hace tiempo. EH, EH. Soy re k-pa.) pero no me arrepiento. De nada. Sólo sé que escuché ésto y pensé en vos y todo lo que se me iba dando en la cabeza a medida que te conocía más y más. Y si hay algo de ahí que no te dije nunca, sabé que es verdad. Me robaron las palabras de hace casi 6 meses atrás jajaja. Te amo, Diego, siempre. Gracias por ser mi amigo/novio/consejero y todas esas cosas que sos ♥