"People hear the word Vampire, and immediately their thoughts go to TwilightVampires SuckTeen Wolf, or any other typical vampire vs. werewolf vs. monster stories that are out there. The movies or shows that are just flat out dumb and stereotypical. So when someone hears The Vampire Diaries, essentially these same thoughts come to mind, and assume the show is a stereotypical twilight-esque romantically inclined soap opera type. 
The Vampire Diaries isn’t like that though, and this video perfectly explains why I, and many others like me who don’t exactly prefer to watch these types of shows, love this series. It’s more than just the excitement of the supernatural, or the lust that comes along with it. This show exemplifies the bonds of family, the strength of love, and self-embodiment of the power you have within. Love not only between two people in a relationship, or two lovers, but the love between siblings, between friends. How the only way to get through the hardships and hurt you experience in life is through that love, through those people in your life. The people who give you the power and self-confidence to become strong, the people who you would sacrifice everything for, and they would do the same for you. How when you think that you’re alone, that you can’t make it, those loved ones will be there for you no matter what. Even someone who you thought you hate, could never be friends with, may end up being the one to stick through it all with you to the end. 
That no matter what, these loves, these lights, will guide you to the end."